Thursday, December 3, 2009

10 activities every toddler loves!

Does your toddler get bored easily? Are you looking for new ways to entertain him? Here are 10 activities you both will enjoy:

1. Dancing and singing
Just turn the music on and start dancing. You can sing too. Most toddlers love to dance, plus dancing can help you stay fit.

2. Playing hide and seek
Young children love this old game. You can hide and let your child find you, then she can hide and you can pretend that you're looking for her for a long time, asking occasionally "Where are you? You hid so well that I can't find you!"

3. Riding a bike
Around 30 months most toddlers are ready to ride a bike. And it's a lot of fun! Just make sure that she can't get on the street and don't forget  to put her helmet on.

4. Bolwing
Toddlers love bolwing. They'll try to push the bolwing ball as hard as possible and will watch with delight as it rolls down towards the bolwing pins.

5. Gardening
If your toddler likes outdoor activities, gardening would be perfect for him. All you need is a flower pot, soil, seeds and a shovel. Your child will certainly enjoy filling up the pot with soil and then planting the seeds. If you plant some grass seeds, they'll start growing within days and your toddler can water the pot every day and watch the grass grow. You can also plant a tree.

6. Baking cookies
When you get tired from all the physical activities, you can try to do something more simple and less energy consuming. Why not bake some cookies? You can have lots of fun trying different shapes and decorating them with icing or colored sugars.

7. Play dough
You can buy play dough in different colors and all kinds of shapes, which go with it. You can make flowers, airplanes, trees and much, much more. Your toddler can name an object and you can try to make it, or you can make something and let him guess what it is.

8. Sticker book
Toddlers love stickers. They are interesting and fascinating. You can buy a sticker book or stickers in different shapes and colors and let your toddler express her imagination and creativity on a blank sheet, which you can put in a frame later.

9. Sidewalk chalk painting
Have you ever thought of chalk painting? It's a lot of fun! You can raw as much as you want to and just let the rain wash it out!

10. Blowing bubbles
If your kid doesn't like to take baths, that's one way he can start to enjoy them. Little children love to blow bubbles, then they enjoy watching them float and they even try to catch them.
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