Monday, February 8, 2010

What babies think about their lives?

Have you ever wondered what babies think about their lives? In fact, most of them say their life is hard. Already? I interviewed 100 babies between 0 and 12 months and here is what some of them say:

Baby Sophia, 10 months:
When mom and dad eat chocolate, I eat peas and carrots!
When they enjoy ice cream, they give me soup with spinach! How is that fair?

Baby Chris, 3 months:
Every evening mom tries to put me to sleep by rocking and singing. But her singing is so false it gives me a headache! How can I tell her to stop? When I start crying, she starts to sing louder!

Baby Maddie, 6 months:
One thing I don’t get is why mom and dad get to sleep together, but I have to sleep alone, all by myself?

Baby Olivia, 9 months:
Yesterday we had guests! Mom and dad put me to sleep at 7.30! I missed all the gossips and have no idea how everyone’s doing! Plus, I had to cry for more than 5 minutes until mom finally picked me up only to put me right back in that nasty crib!!!

Baby Alex, 5 months:
Every time I need to go to sleep mom gives me the booby, but when I wake up, the booby is gone! I wonder if I could ever sleep without loosing it?

Baby Madisson, 7 months:
When we get in the car, mom and dad always tight me up in the back. I can’t even see them and I can barely look through the windows… It’s so incredibly boring that I always fall asleep right away!

Baby Izabella, 4 months:
Mom calls me “pumpkin”. I wonder if I really look like one?

Baby Jacob 11 months:
Mom and dad constantly sniff around my diaper when we’re in the park and when I poop they always make sure that everyone knows!

Baby Michael, 12 months:
I wonder when will I get to play with that beautiful, fancy, incredibly interesting, colorful and fascinating vase mom inherited from her great grandmother? Every time I try to come close to it, mom jumps from the sofa and screams "NOOOO"! She's so funny, she makes me do it again and again and again :)
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